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Orange Clignotant has significant technical resources for production and post-production of video films.
These are the result of extended old technology, its own technical developments and continuous quality and fluidity optimisation research of its processes.


100m² broadcast studio

Our fully equipped video studio for broadcasting is ready to shoot and yours to use at no charge.

The studio is located in Brussels, less than 10 minutes from the Bruxelles-Midi TGV station (free shuttle) and 2 minutes from Aumale station – subway line No. 5.

These professional premises offer video image lay-in based on the same principle as the weather broadcasts.

It is particularly solicited for :

  • The production of live streaming and virtual events
  • Shootings of corporate films, commercials or music videos
  • videos of product presentations, interviews and video testimonials, training films, tutorials, e-learning, etc.

In addition, thanks to our teams of scenographers, creatives and technicians, we create your custom set design. To make your production unique.

Beyond our teams’ efficiency, their high professionalism and significant equipment (autocue, extra-large screens, sound equipment, lighting etc.) you will enjoy the friendliness, the warm welcome and joyful mood!


Discover the website dedicated to our studio, the studio OC!


Drone shooting & aerial shots

You cannot imagine the time and money you can save when the same film crew can, at the same time, take of the “ground” video shooting of your corporate or institutional film and some scenes containing images shot by a drone.

A perfect example of the practical benefits resulting from the variety of our resources and versatility of our teams.


Shooting equipment

The choice of camera is a defining factor in the quality and sharpness of the image, though can also offer beautiful slow-motion video images.

The 4K to 12K video format offers lots of quality benefits as well as the opportunity to reframe and adjust the image during post-production without damaging it or obtain 2 plan scales from one shot.
Basic cameras, the Sony® FS7 and the FX9, or Blackmagic Ursa Mini fulfil these criteria.

Other cameras may be used according to the shoot requirements, including: Arri Alexa, Red Komodo, underwater camera360º camera, time lapse camera and stop motion.


The perfect image stability during camera travel also greatly contributes to the film aesthetics.

The Ronin® gyrostabilises the camera, thus allowing the cameraman to film smoothly while moving. This system used in combination with a gyropode (according to the type of ground) works great!

It is good to note that the drone also offers stabilised takes through lateral and vertical motion.

Orange Clignotant has also access to a motorised, 360º ground and portable dolly – the slider. Camera rotation and speed are programmable.

This professional equipment may be used in packshots shoots and product presentation videos (see below).

Other filming technical equipment supplement our team’s resources (for takes, lighting, sound…).

All the equipment used during the audio-visual agency’s shoots are however always strictly suitable to their actual requirements.


Sound studio

Keeping with its own logic applied to all production, Orange Clignotant is equipped with a sound booth and enjoys the services of an INSAS graduate sound engineer among its staff.

Whether you need to record a voice-over, sound effects or an interview, our sound studio is at your disposal.

The sound tracks post-production processing and engineering are also done in-house and part of our One Stop Shop Video offering (read more)

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