Since 2019, the agency has been eco-compensating all of its productions at its own expense through a partnership with the WeForest organisation.

This partnership demonstrates Orange Clignotant’s commitment to environmental sustainability and its social responsibility by doing its bit to help make the world a better place for future generations.

The agency is currently undergoing a process of analysis and constant review with the aim of making all its operations and productions even more sustainable.

The agency is also committed to values such as diversity, inclusion and sustainability, both in the way we operate as an agency and in the creative thinking behind our productions.

We firmly believe that these values are essential to creating a healthy and stimulating working environment, and to producing content that reflects the diversity of our society.

We encourage a diversity of voices and perspectives in all our productions, to ensure a fair and authentic representation of contemporary society.

At Orange Clignotant we understand the importance of flexibility and adaptability in the video production process.

That’s why we’ve adopted the agile method, which allows us to work collaboratively and iteratively with our clients.

Agility enables us to remain responsive to changes and adjustments as they occur throughout the project. We start with a thorough planning phase, where we work closely with our customers to understand their objectives, ideas and vision.

We then break the project down into smaller phases, enabling us to deliver concrete results at each stage.

This agility allows us to work closely with our customers and partners, gathering their feedback throughout the process and making the necessary adjustments to ensure their full satisfaction and the achievement of their objectives.