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City of La Louvière


Public information, 2D motion design, promotion of administrative services, cinema, TV commercial


The City of La Louvière, committed to the challenges of the energy transition, has set up a new counter to welcome, inform and support citizens in all their housing and energy efficiency needs.

This “housing counter” covers a wide range of topics and is aimed at all Louvier residents.

It was necessary to inform them of its existence and encourage them to contact it.

Mission objective: To draw the attention of a wide audience to the exitance and usefulness of this office. By producing an animated video that was as complete, clear and easy to digest as possible.


To cope with the variety of audiences and address a multi-channel audience, Orange Clignotant suggested making a motion design film.

2 graphic approaches were proposed in the form of a moodboard.
This was followed by a proposal for a structured voice-over text with a maximum duration of 2’30, beyond which the audience would be likely to tune out.
Scripting, storyboarding, graphics production, editing and post-production followed.

The film was also produced in 3 short versions of ± 20 to 25”, suitable for communication on social networks and advertising formats.
All films were produced for the web, cinema and local television.

Other works