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Union Wallonne des Entreprises


Institutional, live action, storytelling, graphic design, print


Within the framework of the prospective project “Odyssée 2068” and of an event gathering many Walloon economic actors, the Union Wallonne des Entreprises contacted us to produce a film allowing to translate the essence of the project.

First screened during the event, it will then have the mission to convey these values to different audiences, which may be composed of political decision-makers as well as teenagers and young adults.

In parallel to the production of the film in its long version, the production will be declined in short versions for social networks and production of a graphic support for the event in connection with the film.


Given the need to communicate to a very diverse audience, it was important for us, once we had mastered the subject, to translate it into different forms – while respecting the brief of a single film.

So we chose to portray four characters with different pasts, presents and futures.
The development of the characters had to be thought out in such a way that each one was strong enough to represent a large enough persona, with its societal, economic and historical concerns.

Content analysis, character development, scripting, voice-over writing and storyboarding were the first crucial steps in the development of this production.

In parallel to these steps, a research of the different shooting locations was carried out in order to give the most exhaustive panel possible of the different economic and natural landscapes of Wallonia.

Finally, a precise location scouting with the production manager, the director and the cinematographer allowed to specify each staging.

5 days of shooting with a team of 9 people, 4 actors, and 3 weeks of post-production and the film was ready to be previewed in front of nearly 800 guests at the Sucrerie in Wavre.

4 short versions were also produced, each one dedicated to a character and intended to open the debate, especially with a young audience.

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