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brand content campaign, video campaign, live action, series, social media


Wondercar is a new-generation national network of auto body repairers, part of the D’Ieteren Group.

It aims to be innovative and irreproachable, with very high standards of quality, reliability and service.  It regularly communicates via B2C video on social networks.

Orange Clignotant has been producing B2B and B2C films for Wondercar since March 2019.

Mission objective:

Brand awareness campaign with “winking” reminders of its qualities.



The series of 4 short 1:1 videos of ± 40” signed Wondercar has what it takes.

From the outset: “All bodybuilders are thieves”, “Bodywork is always dirty”, “With a simple suction cup, I can remove the dent” and “Products that are harmful to the environment”.


The clichés announced in the headlines are quickly deconstructed by the images and text. It’s an opportunity for a rapid demonstration of modernity, cleanliness and concrete commitments.

An intelligent and perfectly organised shooting that enabled the film crew to produce a parallel series of recruitment video vignettes, 100% Human Resources.

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