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European Commission


Institutional, digital event, studio


Within the framework of the 50 years of consumer protection in the European Union, the European Commission wished to produce a 2-hour digital event, broadcasted live on Facebook and Youtube, with Didier Reynders as the main guest.

Among the topics covered were:

  • Consumer rights, circular economy and fashion
  • Consumer rights in the digital world
  • Past achievements and future challenges for consumer rights in the EU

And among the guests :

  • Kiki Boreel, Dutch climate ambassador for the future, greenwashing expert and model
  • Augustin Reyna, Director, Legal and Economic Affairs at BEUC – The European Consumer Organisation
  • Michel Scholte, Founder of True Price & Impact Economy Foundation


Production of a 2-hour digital event and live broadcast on several platforms from our studio in Brussels. We created a dedicated stage design that highlighted the visual identity of the event and the context in which it was taking place.  While maintaining a casual atmosphere, we managed to adapt our content to the target audience.

We also created visual and audio jingles for the event, as well as editing the stage design in our studio. The technical control room was set up to ensure a high quality live technical production. We supervised all technical production in real time to ensure the best possible experience for the audience.

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