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Editions VAN IN


Video Marketing, live action, mixed media, studio, explainer video, product presentation



VAN IN is part of Sanoma Learning and is the largest publisher of educational resources in Belgium, a leader in the school market.

“Carrément Math” is one of their “collections” offering an original method of learning mathematics at primary level.

Mission objective:

The video to be designed and produced should present the method, its specific features and its advantages to teachers. Encourage them to choose this method rather than another.

The aim is to capture the attention of this target audience on social networks, at trade fairs and shows and during meetings, debates and video conferences. Arouse their curiosity and spark their interest, if not their conviction.


In order to hook its audience, this video had to have a human side, flesh and blood. A 100% graphic motion design would have been a slightly boring redundancy.

By using our 2 actors with real props and 2D animation, we were able to combine emotion and demonstration.
Each of the scenes was deliberately shot on a white background in our studio. This allowed us to concentrate all the information without any other source of visual distraction.

The 1:10 video, while telling the essential story of the methodology, charms its audience, who quickly become accomplices in these ‘winking’ scenes.

Concept, script, storyboard, copy, actor and voice-over casting, dressing, props, direction, graphics and full post-production.

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