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Video clip, music video – art direction – studio – lighting – creation – set design


Dypsa has chosen Orange Clignotant to provide the art direction and direct the video for its new track “Drink”.


The creative process for the clip was a collaborative one, based on exchanges of moodboards and briefings between the art direction and Dypsa.

The script for the clip was the fruit of this creative collaboration, in which the artist’s world inspired the agency’s creativity and vice versa. Together, we drew up a detailed storyboard, defining each sequence and shot to bring Dypsa’s vision to life.

The set design for the video was also a collaborative effort, with the agency contributing its expertise to create a captivating visual environment that perfectly matched the mood of the song. The choice of sets, props and costumes was carefully thought out to reinforce the song’s message.

Scriptwriting, storyboarding, set design (collaborative), lighting studio, filming (studio OC), post-production.

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