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Psyché is a space dedicated to Belgian brands that are committed and sustainable in fashion and cosmetics.

More than a boutique, Psyché is a place for sharing and exchange (DIY workshops, talks, conferences) to inspire you to adopt a lifestyle in harmony with your image and your values.

Psyché was born from two distinct worlds, that of Lokal and Biocam, embodied by Aura and Camille. From their encounter, they wanted to create a new universe.


Orange Clignotant was contacted by Camille & Aura to create a video that reflected their style.

Both known for their initial boutique by an already sizeable community, they needed to be able to explain the reasons for this new space and their new joint project.

So we analysed their world, which was already well defined via their social networks, and through discussions we were able to build a ‘truthful’ narrative.

It is this narrative that we wanted to embody in this production.
The voice-over, recorded in the Orange Clignotant studio, supports the image without taking its place. Like an intimate discussion, enriched by the images.

A production with strong branding and storytelling, produced in record time and… on a smart budget!

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