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European Migration Network
University of Luxembourg


institutional, live action, storytelling, studio projection


What if, for the duration of a game, you put yourself in the shoes of someone who negotiates migration policies?

That’s what you can do with « Destination Europe », the tool developed by the European Migration Network & University of Luxembourg to help you understand all the issues surrounding immigration in Europe.

The brief? To present “Destination Europe”, the educational tool developed by the European Migration Network (EMN) and the University of Luxembourg. This tool, which looks like a board game, allows participants to take the place of those who negotiate migration policies and to understand all the stakes of immigration in Europe.


A promotional video featuring 3 migrants in an individual and endearing way, far from a desperate and fleeing mass representation. These characters go through the uncertainties of their journey looking the viewer straight in the eye.

The technique of projecting images in the studio allows the characters to be situated in a specific context, while adding an aesthetic dimension to the film. The combination of narration and music accompanies each character on their journey in a way that amplifies the viewer’s emotion and understanding.

The choice of music is particularly important in this production as it serves to reinforce the emotion and give voice to the characters.

The end result is a video that offers a fresh and enlightening perspective on migrants, far from the desperate and fleeing mass representation that is often presented in the media.

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