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Suez Belgium (Veolia) – Val’up


Studio shooting, event video, miniature, model, stop motion video


Val’Up is a sorting centre in Ghlin, the result of a public-private partnership between IDEA, the IPALLE intermunicipal association, SUEZ (now VEOLIA) and VANHEEDE.

It enables PMC household packaging (plastic, metal, drinks cartons, etc.) to be sorted.

Construction began in the summer of 2020, but was delayed by COVID. It is now operational.

Mission objective:

Suez commissioned us to produce a video presenting the project to a panel of journalists and politicians invited to visit and inaugurate the worksite in October 2020.

The aim was to produce a film (or rather a clip) that would liven up this public relations event in a fun way and then use social networks to announce the project to the general public.

A radical change in the way people sort their household waste!

The challenge was to make a film about a future project for which no images yet existed.


After exploring various angles, it was decided that the narrative should focus on the innovative and positive solutions offered by this new sorting centre.

And the resulting revolution in household sorting.

By opening with the question “The yoghurt pot, in the blue bag?” the film speaks to each citizen through his or her own experience.
The question will also be taken up wholeheartedly by the press.

And to overcome the lack of images, to create a particular and acceptable environment.

The film’s offbeat feel is reflected in the succession of packaging items returning one after the other to the blue bin, in a good-natured atmosphere with deliberately apparent fakery.

The scale model of the sorting centre, a few stop-motion animations, the arrival of the bin lorries, the details of the different types of suspended packaging and other accessories are all part of the same approach. It keeps the audience’s attention and curiosity throughout the film, and provides relatively precise information.

The live-action production is carried out in our studio – 100% in-house, with concept, script, screenplay, voice-over and music casting, graphic research, production of models and props, assembly and editing.

Production from A to Z with client feedback and approval: 45 working days.

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