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About Orange Clignotant

The Expert Agency in Video Marketing

Founded in January 2005 by Marie-Paule Dehou, Psychologist specialised in Human Resources and Alexis de la Croix, experienced Marketer and Scriptwriter trained by Luc Jabon, Orange Clignotant – Audio-visual Production Agency is a pioneer in New Generation Video” – videos without redundancy, effective, professional and within reasonable budgets.

Soon after creating the agency, the founders strengthen their fields of expertise and hire talented experts in Communication, Didactic, Journalism and Social Media.

Expert in video marketing, Orange Clignotant now produces influence films. In other words, corporate, institutional, web, training films, etc. (read more) that are strategically developed and used as marketing, advertising, communication, training and information tools.

About Orange Clignotant

The Agility of a Specific Methodology

Production of films with clear and specific objectives that respect your image and your values through collaborative and associative work from the very start of the film until completion.

Strategists, designers, creatives, producers and image technicians work together from the film design stages.

This continuous horizontal and collaborative approach stems video solution as agile, innovative and effective as possible. Such a concept promotes a unique and personalised film that stands out from pure production videos.

Our video process is based on the diversity of talents offered by our highly motivated team members:

  • skills in Audit and Analytics

  • competencies in Marketing, CommunicationHuman Resources, Journalism, Didactic and Web

  • development and command of Script Procedures and Narrative Structures proven and specific to each type of film

  • total Creativity–sensible, justified and according to the film objectives

  • usage of cinematic languages and grammar (including inductive or even subliminal)

  • very large mix of technical skills in audio-visual production and post-production

  • scope of strategic actions possibly including referencing, diffusion and audience analysis on the WEB

About Orange Clignotant

Highly versatile teams and equipment

Orange Clignotant video agency has no favourite video technique however fulfils every client’s requests through identification and respecting the very demands of every audio-visual project!

Orange Clignotant is thus about to, independently and using its own teams and equipment, produce video films with filmed images (also using a drone, in 4K, with time lapse, slow motion etc.), Animation Films, Motion Graphic Design, White Boarding (also called Video Scribing), 3D, Augmented Reality etc. as well as films that incorporate a number of these techniques.

This implies great audio-visual professional production and post-production equipment (read more).

Of course, all this would have little interest without the experience and know-how offered by our video teams. Our curious, motivated and dedicated team members passionate about their work stand out through their involvement and dedication in every one of their missions. Their quest for perfection, their positive and energetic attitude are the reasons behind their uncontested reputation.

About Orange Clignotant

A true Video One Stop Shop

The benefits offered by an extended offer of services within the same agency are extremely important. These benefits include:
– consistency and coordination in film production or video project,
– planning control and time savings at briefings and during production,
– a superior professional quality assurance for all the movie components,
– centralised responsibilities around one agency only,
– significant reduction of production costs.

Orange Clignotant offers the following services:

  • performance test & prediction

  • scenario, script, moodboard, storyboard

  • copywriting & rewriting

  • translation & localisation

  • studio shoot in our own broadcast studio

  • mobile, fully equipped studio green key: for events, etc.

  • shooting of professional packshots  (read mores)

  • drone capture (read more)

  • diverse production of numerous high-tech films (read more)

  • sub-titling

  • sound engineering

  • infographics, 3D, augmented reality

  • location scouting for shooting locations

  • casting and journalist, presenter, actors, silhouettes, extras services

  • casting and voice-over, dubbing services

  • image rights management

  • casting and sign language translation services (Belgium: in FR and NL in FR and NL: FSL and VGY – France: ISL – international)…

  • casting and audio-description services

  • casting, negotiation, music rights management

  • creation of gimmick

  • advice and support in video distribution (read more)

  • creation and personalisation of YouTube Channel (read more)

  • advice, support and subcontracting of original video supports including all printed media, all sizes (Overly, WEBKEY,(read more)

  • advice, support and subcontracting of DVD, USB flash drive duplication

  • video referencing and AdWords® for video

  • environmental film: Orange Clignotant offers eco-neutral films

About Orange Clignotant

The Agency that eco-compensates all of its productions 

According to the terms of an agreement reached in 2018 between WeForest and our Audiovisual Agency, Orange Clignotant eco-compensates, since January 1, 2019, all of its films by depositing for each of them a financial amount that offsets their CO² emissions.

These amounts are then invested in one of the organization’s very concrete reforestion programs: in Luanshya District, Copperbelt Province, Zambia.

It’s a first in Belgium and we hope that beyond any marketing argument, this commitment will be followed by the great majority of our colleagues, so that the eco-compensated video film will quickly become the norm.


All your movies are now stamped “100% carbon neutral”!

These costs are exclusively assumed by Orange Clignotant!
They therefore have no financial impact on the budget of the films.
About Orange Clignotant

Unbeatable value for money in video production

The prices and budgets necessary for a video film production are a hot topic of conversation. It is legitimate to ask yourself the question “What budget should I have to produce my film?” and answering without knowing anything about your project would be really wrong!

Orange Clignotant is known for its highly competitive and reasonable price policy. Beyond this reality, our return on investment and objectives criteria generated by the film itself are obviously critical. Is your film profitable? What concrete benefits does it yield for your organisation?

With the pretence to produce films “at any cost” but at the lowest cost, there is now a mind-blowing number of films produced without any strategic planning and offering mediocre narrative and technical qualities to the effect that have no better effect than to tarnish the client’s image, send vague messages and spoil its own values! We are left with counter-productive, sometimes disastrous productions.

As if your “ambassador” could afford to look tired, badly dressed and talk nonsense!

Today’s videos are everywhere, opened, forgotten. An effective video has no other choice than to be strategic, intelligent and relevant. 
For this reason,
the value for money we offer is even more unbeatable.

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1st Belgian audiovisual agency “creator of video content in Communication, Marketing and Human Resources”. Orange Clignotant‘s priority is to design, script and produce relevant, high-value-added films.

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